Saturday, October 15, 2011

No holidays at school: More schools banning Halloween/Thanksgiving Read more:

By: Shawn Martin

You won't see little ghouls and goblins running around one Massachusetts elementary school this Halloween.

The Boston Herald reports that the principal has banned costumes.

The reason?

The school superintendent says Halloween is quote "problematic" for some families due to its connections to witchcraft.

It's not the only holiday on the chopping block.

The school's principal is telling teachers to be careful about celebrating Thanksgiving in their class activities.
All of this comes on the heels of her attack on Columbus Day when she told teachers they could no longer quote: "ignore the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples."

So, what do you think?

Does the principal have a valid point here or is she going overboard by pushing her own beliefs on teachers and students?

We asked the question on Facebook and here are just some of the responses we got:

Holly Suttle: All Holidays of all cultures and religions should be celebrated, how else can we teach tolerance?

Chris Harder: It is over the top before you know it we will not be celebrating any holiday at all. Halloween is an amazing holiday where people can dress up how ever they want to and not once be ridiculed by anyone.

Andrew Meeusen: People need to stop being so PC all the time. It's not like celebrating Halloween is going to turn kids Wiccan or into little occultists, or celebrating Thanksgiving is going to make them all Puritans or something.... It's a fun time of sugary goodness and pretending to be something fun or scary. I wish more pro-holiday parents would stand up to battle these anti-holiday ones.

Karen Miller Harper: I don't understand how Halloween is a holiday. Seriously? What exactly are we celebrating? The founding of something? The victory of something? Family? Why should schools emphasize it? DUMB. 

Ian Herrera: I don't remember having a halloween celebration but do remember some indian activity. I feel the schools should do away with the celebrations because of the cultural differences and some kids probably would not prefer to participate in the celebrations. I didn't like participating in the celebrations because it made me feel weird.
Justin Morris: I think they should just focus on education.

Allison Dykstra: this is ridiculous. some of the best memories of school celebrating the holidays are friends. I'm tired of them getting rid of everything in school because 1 person doesn't like it. this is exactly why our country is in a situation we are in now. chaos and chrime

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