Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crafty Halloween projects to keep kids busy at parties

Deidre Wengen

Unless they are stuffing their faces full of candy or climbing the walls in their Spiderman costumes, kids can easily get bored at a Halloween gathering that isn't centered on them.
If you're planning to host a Halloween party this year with both adults and children as guests, a great way to keep kids entertained and active is to set up a Halloween craft corner. 
With some basic materials and a little bit of instruction, the kids can spend time creating while the adults mingle.
Here are a few of our favorite projects from Activity Village:
Paper Cup Witch - This simple craft project will have kids putting together spooky witches made from paper products. You'll need paper cups, polystyrene balls, paint, construction paper, glue and star stickers. Paint the ball and cup and then glue them together to get the shape of the witch. Then kids can go to town decorating and accessorizing as they please.
Monster Feet - Kids love monsters, so let them create their own monster feet to dress up in at the party. This project requires tissue boxes, craft foam, paint and sequins. Once the monster feet are ready to go, let the kids put on a parade for the parents (just make sure they don't trip and fall!).
Handprint and Footprint Ghosts - Give kids any chance to dip their hands and feet in paint and they're going to take it. These ghostly paintings are done using hands and feet to make the basic ghost outline and are given eyes and mouths with a black pen. Make sure you have floor coverings down for this project.
Pompom Spiders - For an easy and fun craft project, give the kids materials to make pompom spiders. These little guys make great Homemade halloween decorations. All you need are pipe cleaners, black pompoms, wiggle eyes and glue.

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