Saturday, September 24, 2011

When nature works magic

Nature heals. The nature around us has an innate capacity to heal us, physically as well as emotionally. The various forms of natural medicines — Ayurvedic, Herbal, Unani, Bach flower remedies and many more —are proof that nature and its products heal us physically. The effect of nature on our personality and emotional health though are rarely discussed.
Have you ever observed that whenever we are very drained and tired, physically or emotionally, we tend to automatically close our eyes and imagine ourselves in a nice and calm place close to nature? For those of you who meditate, in any guided meditation or visualisation whenever you are asked to imagine yourself in a comfortable place you end up with an image of a hill or a valley, lush green, covered with plants and trees, birds chirping, fresh clean air, slightly cool breeze, with the sound of a stream flowing near by.
Alternatively you may see yourself standing in a garden with colourful flowers in the flower beds around, trees and green grass. Another image that might come to your mind could be of you on a beach with sand under your feet, waves of water in front of you, palm trees and the sound of the waves touching the shore. In short, whenever we need to rejuvenate ourselves, we go close to nature. Most of our holiday destinations are close to nature i.e. to hill stations, beaches or forests. That is because nature is the best healing and rejuvenating agent.
Just like when we breathe we inhale air which provides us with oxygen, when we exhale we vent carbon dioxide, this process apart from keeping us alive also detoxifies us. Similarly nature also provides us with the energy to detoxify ourselves mentally. The sights and smells of nature always lift the mood and make us feel lighter, after all how many of us don’t like the smell of earth when it is wet? It is these basic things of nature that can help us completely de-clutter our mind. In fact, people who stay close to nature are usually never happy shifting to concrete cities. It takes them away from many things they love including an abundance of the universal healing energy.
The universal healing energy all around us is always ready to heal. The trees, birds, flowers and all the pure aspects of existence enhance this universal energy. It is universal, which means it is present everywhere, even in cities, buildings and closed spaces, the problem comes when due to our very busy city life we don’t pay attention to it. Being in natural settings on the other hand automatically takes our attention to the small pleasures of life and privileges that nature provides us and takes us closer to the universal healing energy which we otherwise don’t pay much attention to.
In our busy schedules many a time, we lose track of what is truly important, what it is that we truly need to value, and we start to value things more than people and places. Things, we think, will give us the inner peace, calm, happiness and satisfaction that we seek in life. Our ultimate goal in life turns to owning things, owning a big house, a farmhouse, a bigger car, gadgets, and the list is ever increasing. We do own these things and often also derive momentary happiness from them. A few of us also derive other feelings from these possessions, such as pride and ego.
We can end up owning a lot of inanimate things but even with all these possessions when we stand in front of a vast ocean or a mountain, we realise no matter how big we think we are in our position and power, compared to nature we still are very tiny parts of a whole huge scheme, only a small piece in the puzzle.
Nature at every point keeps our ego in control. The effects and learning of nature can never be undermined, so please pay attention to that tiny flower that has just bloomed in your balcony and the birds that come on your house fence or railing.
The writer is a counselling psychologist and a holistic healer

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