Friday, September 16, 2011

Was it an angel I saw in the night sky?

By: Sarah Davies

COULD this bright light spotted over Malvern be a heavenly body?
Worcester News reader Deana Jenkins snapped this glowing entity as it appeared over a house in Skyrrold Road on Saturday, July 30, just after 10pm.
Mrs Jenkins, a spiritual medium and tarot reader at Changes 4 Life in Sidbury, Worcester, believes it might be an angel.
But she’s keen to hear from other readers about what they think might have caused the phenomenon.
She said: “I was babysitting and I went outside for a cigarette and cup of coffee.
“I ran back in to get my camera because I could feel the energies changing. I switched it on and the sky started changing.
“There was a little white dot. It was still and, judging by the shape of it, I don’t think that it was a Chinese lantern. I think it’s an angel. I think it’s an entity.”
It’s not the first time an unexplained object has been spotted above the Worcestershire skyline.
Files released by the Ministry of Defence last month revealed someone living in Malvern reported seeing a white light moving erratically and hovering below the clouds in the early hours of July 15, 2003.

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