Monday, September 26, 2011

Are spirits walking among us? Chip Coffey has the answers Oct 16th

World renowned sPychic, Medium and Spiritual counselor appears at Cincinnati's Music Hall on Oct 16th on his tour known as "Coffey Talk with Chip Coffey". Having been a star on television's Paranormal State, Psychic Kids and several other shows, Chip has a devout following of hundreds of thousands as his work has gained praise for the insight and help he has provided.

We sat down with Chip this past weekend to talk about what he does and why he does it. The one overriding theme that came from him during each question is that he uses this gift to help people. Sometimes people want answers about family that has past, some folks would like an idea of what the future holds. Others may be experiencing strange events around their home and are frightened and call upon Chip to help resolve any lingering issues around a home or property.

Mr. Coffey is acutely aware of the perception that Psychics and Mediums are sometimes looked upon with a furrowed brow, and he takes great care in the information that he passes along to be as accurate and reliable as he can be.

So are spirits walking among us? Is there a message waiting for you from the other side? Do you have something going on that you just can't explain? Visit for more information about the man and visit for more information about the mission.

To listen to the twenty minute interview from this past weekend, tune into WVQC 95.7 FM or stream online at on Monday October 3rd at 7pm. You can also download the MP3 for your offline listening from


  1. I attended an event with Chip in Austin TX. He poo pooed the idea that orbs showing up on digital camera photos are spirits. I respectfully disagree! But I enjoyed his presentation. I am Army retired, and my fiancee died in 1972 while in the Army and I concentrated my thoughts on him. At a point, Chip asked if there was a lot of military in the group. I raised my hand, but I think he was expecting more (I didn't look behind me to see how many there were.) Although I wanted a reading, he never called on me. :( But knowing he asked the question about military, I'd say I got my answer from Alan, my fiancee. :D

  2. Hi friend,

    Thank you very much for your ideas to post comments. Spirits walking is the term of given to those with the ability to sense and connect with the spirit world and those that reside there, a term for psychic ability.