Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not so lucky black cats

Black is not proving so lucky for these little cats.
Despite the age-old superstition about lucky black cats crossing your path, Doncaster woman Leanne Gleave is finding real life is a bit different.
She is a foster-carer for the Cat Action Trust and is having real problems finding new homes for these soot black kittens.
She has five of them at her three-bedroom home in Cantley but they may become long-term residents if their luck does not change soon.
Her friend and fellow-foster cat carer, Karen Beevers, is experiencing the same problems.
“A lot of people won’t take black cats,” said Leanne.
“Some people think they’re not so cuddly and one visitor said she thought they look evil.
“For some reason people aren’t really attracted to them, they seem to make up their minds before looking for a kitten to adopt that they want a tortoiseshell or a ginger one.
“But these ones I’ve got are really cute and cheeky and very friendly. When they’re all running round at the same time I can’t tell them apart but I can when I look into their faces.
“I think they don’t look so good on their website photographs but they look a lot different in the flesh.”
Maybe its the connotation of witches having black cats that puts people off and is why CAT in Doncaster currently has 14 black kittens they want to re-home.
They have pledged that no healthy cat will be put down even if there aren’t any takers for them.
“Eventually someone will come along and want a black cat.
“I don’t know what we can do to make people change their opinion of black kittens,” said Leanne, who has been a CAT foster carer for the past two years, despite having five pet cats of her own.
“They’re a bit lively at night so I put the foster kittens in the utility room but the rest have the run of the house,” she added.
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