Wednesday, July 20, 2011

National Geographic Explores Wicca

July 19, 2011 By 

National Geographic visited England, where it took a look at Wicca, which it says stemmed from witchcraft and is now considered a pagan religion.  Wiccans worship the gods and spirits of nature and in return for their faith, the spirits grant them the power of magic.
Some practioners are careful about who they tell about their faith because of prejudice and fear.
When witches gather in a circle, they believe they can weave stronger magic.  In the coven featured in National Geographic's report, the witches gather once a month to form a circle.
Beltane — known as May Day to others — figures prominently in the National Geographic story.  For Wiccans, it is second to Halloween in importance.
Prejudice is beginning to wane toward Wiccans as people realize that the celebration of the earth, sky and seasons is humankind's oldest faith.

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