Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family of missing man turns to psychic

Beauregard Daily News

DeRidder, La. —With Merryville resident Jerry Lee Keel having been missing since July 6, 2011, family members are searching for any clues as to his whereabouts.
One family member even turned to a local psychic for guidance.
Cynthia Lindsey, from New York, who now resides in Rosepine, was contacted through Facebook by the family member, and in turn telephoned the relative to try to help.
Lindsey, who has been an advisor for 25 years, said she has assisted police in other states with investigations and has helped solve several mysteries with her psychic abilities via Tarot Card readings.
She also said that she never actually met with any of Keel’s family face-to-face, but that they only spoke on the phone.
“Because I’m not really from here, I did not know any of them or their situation before I was contacted for help,” Lindsey said. “But I always try to help when I’m asked.”
Lindsey said the family member needed help in finding her Uncle, but that she never gave a name. “I told her the name of the person she was concerned about started with a J and that I saw a lot of water.”
The reading went on to reveal to Lindsey the body of water was Bundick Lake at Hopewell Crossing and that there was an army green aluminum boat.
Lindsey’s husband Alex, who is also a psychic, said he doesn’t read cards, but he gets impressions, and that he saw numbers on the boat.
These numbers have not been verified, therefore will not be revealed at this time.
Cynthia Lindsey went on to describe Keel over the phone to the family member, who said the description was accurate, and said she saw him in a boat with an older man and a younger woman with dark hair and brown eyes.
Lindsey said the reading also revealed the word Hackberry several times and that she was impressed that this was a place where Keel was to be taken out in the water, but refused to get into the boat, which led the three back to Bundick.
“I saw him (Keel) standing in the boat and he had a wound to the back of his head from a blunt object, possibly a gun,” Lindsey said. “I also saw visqueen plastic wrap, either wrapped around him, or him being caught in it at the water’s edge around the bottoms of some big trees.”
Lindsey said she did not imply that Keel was dead, but that what she was seeing could possibly be something that was planned to be done to him in the future.
“I am hoping that this means something in the future and that the police find him soon,“
Lindsey said. “I know what I saw, but I don’t know if it has happened yet.” Lindsey also said she had not been contacted by the police, only by a relative of Keel. “I would be glad to work with them (police) if they’d like, but I haven’t heard from them.”
“I know some people are skeptical of psychics, but I have helped solve cases before and I feel strongly about what I’ve seen in this case,” Lindsey said. “And I will do whatever I can to help.”

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