Saturday, July 30, 2011

2,000-Year-Old Greek God Mosaic Discovered in Rome

By IBTimes Staff Reporter 

Rome archaeologists have unearthed a large and fine wall mosaic of the Greek God Apollo, dating from the second half of the first century after Christ, near the Colosseum, the Roman City Council said in a statement on Saturday.

The mosaic, depicting Apollo and the Muses, is linked thematically to the wall paintings discovered in 1998, representing a philosopher and a Muse of an architectural background.
"An archaeological discovery is of extraordinary value to the city of Rome," said Mayor Gianni Alemanno, thanking the archaeologists for uncovering the treasure of ancient Rome.
He insisted on making it accessible to public and tourists and this would require more funding for the excavations work.
"Now we must make an extra effort to find adequate financial resources to continue the work in the yard and open to the public. I hope, in this sense, the concurrence of all competent authorities to find the necessary resources,” the mayor said.
The building where mosaic has been found is believed to be holding many such architectural delights.
The city council plans to restore the site with more areas open to the public to give added value to the historical city and create income, the mayor said, adding that it will happen probably by the end of 2012.

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