Monday, June 6, 2011

Court Ruling Regarding Wiccan Chaplin in California Prisons Continue reading on Court Ruling Regarding Wiccan Chaplin in California Prisons

Crystal Blanton

Patrick McCollum is a name well known within the interfaith community for his endless work as a Chaplain in the California Department of Corrections and other Chaplain services.  As many people already know, McCollum has been involved in a law suit with the State of California around the potentially discriminatory practice of supporting the "five faiths" policy that California has implemented, allowing for paid Chaplains for only those religions included in the five faiths.    
The 9th Circuit of Appeals upheld the California courts ruling against the case today.  In this decision, it will either prompt McCollum to continue to the next higher court or allow the case to stop at this juncture.  The ruling itself uphold's California's policy of paying for Chaplains for the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Native American and Muslim faiths.  This ruling has the ability to set precedence against those of minority faith's ability to practice freely and have the same rights as other prisoners in the justice system.  
There are a lot of articles that discuss some of the particulars of the case and there will be links referring to those sites listed here.  It is important to know what decisions are being made that will effect the future rights of those who practice some form of Paganism. Consider reading some of these incredible articles and finding out how you can support McCollum's work.  You can find information on him at

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