Monday, April 4, 2011

Wiccan Spells for Everyday!

By Melanie Miller

Hello folks! I have acquired some spells you may find useful. Here are some lover spells, money and healing plus protection spells. I hope you enjoy casting magic and that you honor and pay homage to the god or goddess of your choice or selection.

Here are some of my very own wiccan love spells. You take a bath and use red rose petals in your bathing water, do light some blue or red candles before taking a bath, and recite these exact words, or close to these words as possible. "Goddess Aphrodite, Sweet Goddess of love, please make the one I want, say his/her name, come to me soon, do make him or her fall head over heels in love with me, so mote it be!" Now relax and invision as invisioning is very important, coming towards you. You may see him on a white horse or picture him giving you or handing you flowers. Now after your bath is complete, you may take your candles, place under your bed in a shoe box will do nicely, and then if you dream of him or her, then chances are, he or she will enter your life and make you all his or hers. Your dreams should come true for you. Here is another love spell, you may make or purchase a voodoo doll, and find one close to what he or she may look like, same color eyes, hair...e.g. and you may drawl anything on it that resembles the one you love and or desire or both. You light two red witch candles, and be sure to carve his or her initials into the candle first hand and yours as well. Allow the candles to burn for quite some time, 10 or 15 minutes will suffice. Now thank the Goddess Aphrodite or Isis if you prefer too, and pay homage to this Queen Goddess, you may pour forth wine, red or white will do nicely, and onto the ground right outside your very own home or by water, a river, or lake or pond even, either will do. You always should thank the deity of your selection and feel his or her inner power glowing inside of your soul. You can also make a wooden pentacle such as I do and have, and place upon the awaiting soft ground and ask the deity of your choice to bless you, and protect you. You may place berries, witch's burr, acorns and other stuff, you may of found at a store or consignment store, and leave it be. Do thank Thor or Isis or Aphrodite, and drink a bit of wine then pour the rest of it onto the awaiting ground. You should be of age, note this before consuming all beverages that is to say. Make sure to cover up the pentacle with the earths' dirt and leave it, never to return to same exact spot to cast the same spell.

Now for healing spells, you may take a lavender or blue or a mixture even and light them all or one candle will suffice...for if it is for just you, one candle will do nicely. You place your name that you have written down on parchment paper, under your candle. Do not leave the candle alone and go into another room, or place you dwell in, you should extinguish all candles after all spell craft has been cast. You may also ask the deity to heal a friend of yours, or a family member. Be sure you cast these spells with their or his or her premission first. I wanted to cast a healing spell for a cancer patient that was a dear friend of mine indeed and she did not want a healing some folks do not believe in having a healing spell cast for them. Don't ask me why, this I can not answer..but it could mean they do not believe in magic, this is a possibility, I suppose. All in all, you can cast magic for yourself and if you need a money spell cast, you can have a witch help you cast your spell to allow the spell to work much better and faster. You can also pay a witch to cast spell magic for you, but you have the inner witch in you so you should be able to cast a spell for yourself. If you need money as said, and we all can use money right? Well..first you will need a golden or silverish colored candle and light them both. Write down on a piece of paper what all your heart desires and place inside a cup or bowl and if you have a chalice even, you may place inside it, pour some white salt into the bowl or chalice after you light your candles or before hand is acceptable as well. You will need to ask a deity of your choice and you may recite something like this, ", flow my way, soon I wish for money to come to me, this I pray"...You may then thank your God or Goddess you wish or prefer to choose and be thankful indeed...and yes gods and goddesses do exsist. I know, I have smelled flowers and roses in my home after casting my magic. I cast a money spell recently and my mate won 20 dollars. It is not a lot, I know, but sometimes the gods or goddess just allows us what we need. I also cast a spell recently for a new book of mine on wiccan magic to become published as well. I hope that my novel does become published but I will find out in time. I do love to cast spells and cast them for friends and family members alike.

I wish you well on all your spell craft and I hope my magical spells will enlighten you, and that you cast them for fun and pleasure and I hope you cast for good intentions.

Have a lot of fun casting all your spell craft though, and if you ever need a spell cast you may ask me to help you cast your magic and email me at

I will be more then delighted to cast your spell(s) for you. I have cast a spell for a certain individual to cease all nightmares he was having and to this very date, all the nightmares have gone away and have been replaced with good dreams, that are pleasant now. I also cast a spell for a career/job spell for this woman and for her to find the apartment of her dreams and she found the apt. she wished for, and the job she wanted too. Well do cast your magic and do cast for something good to come your way or have a friend assist you in all your magic craft.

Take care!

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