Thursday, April 14, 2011

Press Release: Modern Day Witchcraft is Alive and Well

This May, Reality Films is releasing  Witchcraft: The Magick Rituals of the Coven - The History and Craft of Modern Day WitchesThis new documentary features Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations, interviewing Jeanette Ellis, lecturer on traditional British Witchcraft, member of PEBL, and author ofForbidden Rites.
In this detailed DVD, Jeanette reveals the truth and history behind Witchcraft including:

- The history of traditional Witchcraft in the United Kingdom.
- How Witches practice their craft.
- The infamous “Witchfinder General,” Matthew Hopkins and how he persecuted supposed deviants called “Witches.”
In addition, Witchcraft also features an investigation in the town of Mistley, home to Hopkins, including a visit to the infamous Swan Inn, the very location of the witch trials. The inn is believed to be the place where Hopkins “swam” his victims as well as where he is allegedly buried and has been haunting ever since.
To view the trailer:
Members of the media should contact Laura Croyle at or 530-367-6055 to request review copies or to schedule an interview.

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