Sunday, April 17, 2011

Connecting with spirits

Communicating with beings who have moved on to another world might sound weird, strange or even crazy to some. However, those who specialise in the paranormal believe that this form of communication can actually heal and holds the key to various questions that need to be answered.
Explains Shailaja Nivaan, a tarot card reader and a psychic healer, “Getting in touch with people from the other world is often synonymous with various elaborate rituals that are enough to scare people away. However, one can do this with something as simple as meditation or using a combination of clairvoyance and psychic skills.”
She also goes on to explain how people often mistake certain signs to be a sign from the spirits. “Things like a door suddenly opening or finding misplaced keys need not necessarily be the work of some spirit. These could be mere coincidences. To communicate and receive signs from a spirit one needs to feel the vibes from them and feel their presence in one’s daily lives, only then do these signs have some meaning.”
For ages, communicating with spirits has been associated with occult methods, one of the most common ones being the Ouija board. “Communicating and intercepting messages from guardian angels is also a form of getting in touch with spirits,” says Megha Nair, an angel therapist and healer. “There are people who can “hear” things said by spirits, others are able to “see” things in their mind when they think about the future. One needs to develop these qualities in order to take full advantage of it.”
While experts say using meditation and breathing techniques take a long time to develop, these are best suited for beginners or those who want to communicate with the dead only occasionally. “There are some people who are gifted — like those who are “clairaudient” (can hear things from spirits) and “claircognisant” (those who know things about the future due to their ability to communicate with spirits). These are people who are born with these gifts and they use this to unlock mysteries about the future,” says Dr Madhan Rao, a psychiatrist who employs alternative healing techniques in his practice. “Often we get people to communicate with their loved ones who have moved on to another world because just knowing that they are happy puts a person’s mind at ease and goes a long way in relieving tension. Employing techniques like hypnotism where one can communicate with spirits by traveling into their world for a brief few moments can do this. Apart from just assuring one of their well-being, these spirits also sometimes give a person certain clues about the future and indicate how something will shape up or give them guidance about how to handle a particular situation.”
Trained healers who often communicate with spirits underline the fact that getting in touch with them using one’s own abilities are always better than relying on other means like tarot cards or pendulums. “When you do this on your own you can be sure that the results are 100 per cent true. Using tools like the pendulum can be tricky because there are a lot of external factors that influence the outcome, for instance even the movement of the fan can cause the pendulum to swing in a different way. Another thing that people often do is visit so called healers in a bid to find out about their loved ones in another world. However, one needs to remember that messages that are passed through another person aren’t always fully accurate. Therefore, it is always important to take such things with a pinch of salt and check the credentials of any healer or practitioner when one approaches them for other worldly communication,” says Shailaja. At the same time, experts are also of the opinion that one’s dreams are the strongest way to communicate with spirits.
“Often people get messages in their dreams and when they wake up, they realise that this is the solution to a problem that they have been looking for. This message might have come from a deceased person or it may even be so that one doesn’t remember who “communicated” with them. But dreams do tell a message and it will help if one focuses on them a little more instead of just dismissing them,” adds Dr Madhan.

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