Thursday, March 24, 2011

White witch Dot is refusing to die

THE White Witch of Milton Keynes is alive and magical after a spell of sickness so severe doctors gave her three hours to live.
Remarkable Dot Griffiths, known as Madam Morgana, has bounced back after gruelling surgery and radiotherapy to take her wheelchair-bound wizardry all over the country.
The 74-year-old great gran has been casting spells, practising paganism and fighting for the good of the world for decades.
Even on her sick bed, fighting stage 3 Endometrial cancer, she held impromptu clairvoyance session for her fellow patients. And while recuperating she dashed out a book of spells called ‘Grimoirs of Madam Morgana’, which she hopes to get published.
Now, on top of her workload as a Stantonbury parish councillor, she’s using her magic to organising large psychic fayres up and down the UK.
“I haven’t got time to die yet myself. As they say, ‘this lady’s not for burning’,” she says.
Married to 25 years to fellow parish councillor Reg, known as Merlin, she laid him in state for two weeks, dressed in full ceremonial robes, after he died of cancer last May. She then officiated as minister before 400 people at his funeral.
Dot says she never contemplated hanging up her broomstick during her fight with cancer.
“They thought I would die and at one stage they gave me just three hours to live. But I just set myself goal posts and willed myself to survive.”
Today Dot is printing out thousands leaflets at her Stantonbury home, known as Dragon’s Lair, and delivering flyers for her first craft and psychic fayre at Risley village Hall in Bedfordshire on April 9.
Dot is hoping the sun will shine to bring out hundreds of people. “Yes, I’ll be doing some spells to make it a success.
But the world is in such a mess at the moment that it’s really busy on the spells front.So much is due to happen next year.. I have a feeling it’s going to be my busiest year. Watch this bubbling pot – there’s a lot coming.”

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  1. Sorry to hear that Dot moved on to the Summerlands yesterday to be reunited with Reg.
    RIP Dot and Blessed Be