Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bewitching Buxom Sorceress Beguiles with Inaugural Album

Witch singer spellbinds listeners with ancient themes and haunting rhythm.

PALMDALE, CA, February 01, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Local artist Rebelle Jacobs, introduces her new album titled Grimoire. Drawing inspiration from her practice of witchcraft, Ms. Jacobs lyrics are steeped with occult references and celebrate her individualism. Her message is straightforward "Rebel against the expected and most of all, think for yourself." With a voice that mixes traces of the Wilson Sisters, Maria Callas and Stevie Nix, she beckons the listener into her Wiccan world. The title track "Grimoire", features her supernaturally calm and smooth delivery extolling a world of unearthly pleasures.

The second track, "Witch" starts with a low vibrating guitar lead counterpoised with her lilting voice that invites all to follow her "to the magick anywhere". The next track is "Witchcraft" a rocking anthem that features wailing metal guitar licks and layered vocals that show this artist range.

Never failing to think for herself and defy a predictable heavy metal bend, the album's fourth track, "Forbidden Fruit" is a deeply spiritual song with roots that tap the soul of SADE. It is a call for love "one more time before it's time to die". The song is surprisingly soulful and bluesy for this black leather costumed Siren.
A subsequent track, "My father" is a homage to the strong ever-present guiding force that protects her. That song is followed by "The Daughter of Fortitude" which blends shades of reggae rhythms and vocals riffs that gently go where only the 80's hairbands dared. It lyrically celebrates a liberated wiccan strength unbound by traditional values. Finishing the album are three tracks "Sun", "Freedom" and "Chaos". The last two explore themes that are regnant in Wiccan culture, freedom from the terrestrial, the mundane and the structured world.
For downloads of these tracks, the press and the public are invited to visit her myspace page

About Rebelle Jacobs:

Rebelle Jacobs is a Singer and Witch residing in Palmdale CA. Born in the Mojave desert, from an early age she knew that the performing life held her fate. As she matured she found that a routine structured existence held little appeal. A presence that was with her from birth, took her slowly to the world of "magick" as she cast aside the values held by a post puritan American culture. On occasion, she performs live in and around Palmdale CA. For more on her next show or to learn more about her life's philosophy visit

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