Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Press Release: Shopping for Wiccan Supplies Has Gotten Easier at Wiccan Joy

American Consumer News Staff - January 2, 2011

Palm Coast, FL, January 02, 2011 –(PR.com)– Shopping for Wiccan supplies has gotten easier with the December, 2010 launch of Christina Naves’ new website Wiccan Joy. She believes it will not take long for her Palm Coast, FL based company to grow into a leading, nationwide on-line shopping location.
Wiccan Joy contains blogs written by Ms. Naves in which she expresses the challenges of finding acceptance for a Wiccan lifestyle, which is often misunderstood. She also advocates understanding and acceptance of others despite their making different lifestyle choices. Furthermore, she claims Wiccan Joy is a visually appealing website that promises to be continually growing and evolving throughout its existence.
Visitors to Wiccan Joy will be provided with links to on-line shopping sites for Wiccan supplies. They will find Wiccan supplies ranging from Wiccan clothing and Wiccan jewelry to tools for altars and rituals, plus a myriad of related items such as bumper stickers, books and home decor. It also provides links for organic foods, clothing and other organic household products for all members of the family, including the pets.
While Wiccan Joy has been created to cater to the needs of Wiccans, Ms. Naves attempts to make it of value to anybody shopping for New Age, Pagan, Metaphysical and even Christian items. It contains everything from pentacles to angels. She hopes it will help Christians gain better understandings of friends, family members or even strangers that have made alternate religious choices, and help bridge differences when shopping for that perfect gift. Ms. Naves is excited over the infinite possibilities.
Initially, the purpose of the website was for Ms. Naves to break into the world of internet marketing. However, as the website developed, she felt that she would be remiss to not include several organizations that are important to her, regardless of the fact that she would receive no compensation. Interested visitors will be provided with opportunities to open their hearts and donate time and/or money, or just further their knowledge on various topics and situations.

Ms. Naves’ motto is, "It Is Time to Come Out of the Broom Closet." She excitedly goes on to say, "The portal can be found at www.wiccanjoy.com."

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