Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yale Research Shows Breakthrough Treatment for Heart Patients

 A study by Pamela Miles and researchers at Yale University medical school published in a top level peer-reviewed journal shows non-drug, low-cost, no-risk Reiki Treatment can benefit heart attack patients.

(I-Newswire) New York City/New Haven, October 13, 2010 - In this study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Reiki treatment significantly reduced the emotional stress associated with a heart attack, thereby reducing the risk of a second attack. It is well documented that emotional stress negatively affects autonomic nervous system (ANS) function, and therefore heart disease (ANS controls heart rate).

Additionally, the Reiki treatments improved heart rate variability (HRV), a physiologic measure that indicates if the patient’s body is recovering from the stress response. Usually this increase is achieved through drug intervention (beta blockers) which work slowly and are not well tolerated by some patients. The benefit of the Reiki treatments was comparable to using beta blockers.

This important study shows that Reiki treatment can be offered in an acute-care setting (patients received Reiki treatment within three days after suffering heart). The 20-minute treatments offered to patients by Reiki-trained staff nurses improved the patients subjective mood on all indicators. Patients who feel better have better medical outcomes and are better partners to their health care providers.

Pamela Miles has been advocating the use of Reiki in all fields of medicine for 20 years. She has implemented Reiki programs to bring comfort and healing to patients, families and staff in top New York City hospitals, and taught Reiki in medical schools. Her lectures, classes, articles and her book, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, are part of an ongoing commitment to bring Reiki into the mainstream.

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