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Reiki offers relief for pets and people

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your LifeReiki offers relief for pets and people


Reiki and therapeutic touch therapy for animals too? Yes! Each can aid in the reduction of the pain of health problems including arthritis, joint injuries, hot spots, bee stings, insect bites and more. Many veterinarians approve of these noninvasive healing practices for well-being and first aid. 

Susan Rouse, a registered reiki master/teacher and a recognized therapeutic touch practitioner, first experienced their value for animals when her dog suffered from debilitating breathing problems, enduring a long-term course of drug treatment. When Rouse began treatments on her aging canine she saw an immediate change. Cleo's breathing improved dramatically, and Rouse was able to wean her from the medications. It was a tremendous help because the drugs had unpleasant side effects.

Including pet therapy in her practice, and providing home visits for pets was inevitable for Rouse.

"Pets are very open to energy and are highly intuitive," she says. "They can show us where they need healing."

Reiki, a holistic healing technique, channels universal life force energy from the practitioner into the client human or animal. This healing energy assists the body's ability to heal itself. Gentle and non-invasive, reiki speeds the healing process, increases vitality and reduces -- sometimes even eliminating -- pain. People often seek reiki treatment for stress relief and for the healing and releasing of mental and emotional issues, but it can be a successful therapy for many other ailments including headaches, sinus pain and arthritic aches. 

Rouse exudes calm, peacefulness and well-being as she explains: "Reiki is a valuable practice for anyone. Once learned, you have it forever. It draws positive energy into our lives. Energy follows intent. What you put out will come back to you, but it must always be used for the greatest good for practitioner or client."

Rouse has been practicing healing energy work since 2003. Teaching quickly became her passion, and she loves sharing her knowledge and gift. An active volunteer at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary, Rouse provides reiki and therapeutic touch for the animals every week. At her home, just north of Baltimore, she teaches and practices in a peaceful, tranquil setting. Here, students learn to see the energy around them.

"I steer people through the stages of opening up to the universal vital life force energy which flows through all that lives," she says. "In its simplest uses this healing practice will reduce the pain and speed the healing of burns, cuts, bruising and sprains. It reduces, and can eliminate, the discomfort of headaches, stomach aches, colds, and flu. Because of its ability to relax children, adults and pets, reiki can lower blood pressure and create a more restful sleep. Even the most sceptical benefit, and are often converted."

As well as providing healing treatments for people and pets, Rouse teaches first-, second-and third-degree reiki, an informal Introduction to Reiki, and Reiki for Parent and Child workshops. Rouse will be offering complimentary treatments at the Baltimore Home & Leisure Show, April 24 and 25. You can contact her at 905-377-1743 or cedarcove@ sympatico.caand visit her website:

Catherine Hawley, freelance writer, operates Home Organizing Services from her home in Northumberland.

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