Monday, April 26, 2010

Mississippi tornados motivate pagan aid

Mississippi tornados motivate pagan aid 

Paganism ExaminerJanet Scheffler

An email received last night from a group of Mississippi pagans (regarding the intense tornado activity in their area) reads: -

"Please ask that your pagan readers send healing to our corner of the earth. The tornados have left some dead and many others without homes, no matter their faith. These storms see no difference between us and we ask that other pagans send helpful energy."

In the old days, humans saw tornados as vengeful manipulation of the forces of nature. Pagans attributed these horrific and devastating storms to the gods, striking out at humans, punishing them for some slight or laziness. Because of the time of year tornados hit, whole fields could be wiped out, food for winter obliterated. The winds and strength of these storms often left whole communities without shelter and food.

Today, we know how tornados pack such a force and we can scientifically see why this happens. Pagans no longer have to wonder what they "did wrong" in conjunction with the weather patterns and storms; meteorology making it very clear. Weather professionals have come to an understanding about what happens when a tornado is on the way, what can help save human lives and what makes warning systems so vital to tornado-likely areas.

If you practice a pagan path, please consider a circle or healing moment for the storm-hit people of the southern United States at this time. Many are in vital need of help and the one way all pagans can contribute is the sending of the healing energy we have in abundance. Join together or as solitaries and focus on the tornado-hit areas down there.

The tornado season isn't over and as summer moves closer, the storms may hit other area hard as well. Keep thoughts, energy and prayers headed where they are most needed.

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