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"Psychic Talk" Radio with Sacramento Clairvoyant Sharon Sampsel

"Psychic Talk" Radio with Sacramento Clairvoyant Sharon Sampsel 

Jacqueline Mathers

Sharon Sampsel waves from the window of the midtown Sacramento Chinese restaurant that we agreed to meet at with enthusiasm to share. A long time Sacramento favorite psychic and East Sacramento resident, Sharon is a frequent exhibitor at the local metaphysical fairs. After hugs and kisses all around, Sharon begins with a story about running into an old friend from her motorcycle days – this tall drink of bubbly blonde with a Texas drawl a biker chick? Whaaaat? Biker Psychic. We’re in for a good time now.

Sharon came into her intuitive facilities at a young age, although I can imagine her being precocious in her Bible belt upbringing making the church ladies flick their fans a little faster. When getting a reading with Sharon, she bares bones and lays waste to any fantasies that you might be conjuring about a clairvoyant. Her readings are for everyone, and rightly so. She gives you exactly what is going on without sprinkles of little fairy sunshine. This is not gloom and doom; Sharon gives you whole hearted intuitive messages and strategies to get through the psychic “junk” . Sharon describes herself as “a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. All this means is I see, hear, and feel Spirit. As a reader I believe that the reading should focus on the person getting a reading. So just ask me a question and I'll tell you what I see. I have a 85 to 95 percent accuracy rate and am known for my quick thinking, to the point, funny, accurate and very, very honest readings.” I should know, as I have seen things come true for items she mentioned to me in the past. Without pause, she informs my college student daughter that tagged along for lunch, that she has a serious relationship coming ‘by summer’. Are you sure this Mommy wants to hear this, Sharon? She chuckles.

So I ask her about her spirituality, especially coming from such a different background. Sharon tells me, “My spirituality is of a Mystic. This means that I follow all paths to enlightenment. I am probably more in alignment with the Buddhist beliefs but really love the Pagan practices. I believe that all practices are basically teaching the same things. It's all just said in different ways. I do not practice any religious dogma. Never saw any reason too. I probably follow the harm none, law of attraction rules most.” This attractive grandma will be dying eggs for the grandbabies to hunt this upcoming Easter holiday, as her family is very important to Sharon.

Our food arrives and I ask Sharon how did she become a Psychic and how did she know this was her calling. Sharon laughs and tells me, “I have been a practicing psychic for over 20 years now and a professional one for 20 years. I don't know who was more surprised with my gift -- my teachers or myself. I have always been psychic. Just raised in the Bible belt where everything is GOD! My family is very spiritual. Out of 8 children, 3 of us are ministers. All of us are psychic. Just my sister and I are the only ones to embrace it. I got the talent and she got the desire. No child wants to grow up to be a professional psychic. Those of us that are any good do so because it is our path.”

So I ask Sharon, is the life and times of a Psychic as positive and bubbly as Sharon’s personality is, or is there days that she would rather not play? Besides not liking to have to do exorcisms, Sharon tells me, “What I hate about my gift is seeing the really ugly things in life. I prefer to help everyone work through their emotional crap so that they can achieve spiritual growth. I talk to the dead, pets, spirit, etc. I look at the past, now and other lives, the present and future. I can focus on whatever you want be it a job, family, love, money, etc.”.

Sharon works her schedule around her clients as she has a worldwide following. “ I read as far away as Malaysia. I have clients from all over the world that come and see me when in Sacramento.”, says Sharon, polishing off another wonton.

Longitivity in working with clients is Sharon’s affirmation that she is doing the work that she was placed on Earth to do. “I have been making my living at this for 20 years so I must be good. I spent 10 years at the East West Bookstore and 5 years at Planet Earth Rising. Right now I read at many of the fairs and expos in the northwest. I am starting to read all over the country. “

So I dare to ask, what is in store for Sharon in her future? “I have a radio show on the Voice of Sacramento ( on Wednesday evenings between 7 and 8 pm called “Psychic Talk”, where I interview local psychics and delve into things like aliens and the paranormal and I have a television show currently in production called “Double Vision”.”

You can contact Sharon by visiting her website at or call her at (916) 451-4014

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