Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diversity lesson needs learning

Diversity lesson needs learning

By Andrea Mcneill, Comox Valley Echo

The wonderful One World Dance Troupe hosted by Iona Campagnolo on Saturday at the Sid Williams was a celebration of breaking the barriers of racism, sexism and religious differences so that everyone is accepted and valued in our multicultural society called Canada.

The Jewish couple that boldly came into the Wiccan ceremony to celebrate the Spring Equinox at the Courtenay Rec Centre on Sunday and suddenly started yelling and sobbing in Hebrew and slamming those who had advertised and rented the space to celebrate a peaceful event they value in their lives shows truly that our community has work to do within itself as well as dealing with infiltrators from other places.

There are no right ways or wrong ways of celebrating and living our lives with our varying mores, cultures and religions. Different strokes for different folks. We all have different pasts and conditions we continue to accept or find a replacement for if our upbringing did not satisfy our longing.

Being human each person has part of the answer but no one all of it. We are not the almightly himself. If we are drawn to a particular way of celebration with life through culture, race or religion that is truly our right in a democratic society.

Growing into acceptance of other ways is a slow process that we must cultivate and pay attention to over time.

To the young Middle Eastern couple, wherever you hail from, set up your own program. there may be interest.

As you showing up was an aggressive, disturbing theatrical scenario, with no respect for religious differences or the people of the Comox Valley, was worthy of a 911 call.

Andrea McNeill


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