Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Petition to Downing Street to stop religious indoctrination in schools

Wiccan Spirituality author Kevin Saunders has started an official e-petition to 10 Downing Street calling for a representation of neopagan and humanitarian views to be included in religious education.Mr Saunders is also calling for religion to be taught in an objective fashion and to avoid religious propaganda being introduced to lessons outside of RE sessions and to respect the wishes of parents who often do not share the same religious bias there local school insists on following.He also calls on protection for teachers who are currently being put under pressure to fall in line with the preferred religious stance of some schools.Mr Saunders said today: “I am appalled at the way the Christian Church uses its schools to indoctrinate young minds into their religion, often against the wishes of the parents. Some schools waste weeks that could otherwise be spent on ‘proper education’ by thrusting stories about the so-called ‘Jesus’ in front of vulnerable minds.”The petition runs until October 2009 and can be accessed on the Internet : http://petition...hurch-abuse/

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