Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Magick for the Kitchen Witch (a new release by Andborough Publishing, LLC)

"Magick for the Kitchen Witch" is a wonderfully comprehensive book that discusses everything from basic spellcasting to rituals honoring the Gods and Goddesses. Learn how to write a spell and where to find inspiration for them, read about folkloric witches, and also learn about different cultural and religious influence in Kitchen Witchery.Relased this May (2009), this book also showcases many wonderful spells that fit perfectly with any earth-based spiritual path. The spells in this book can be used by beginners as well as long-time practitioners and adapted for a wide variety of beliefs. Whether you buy it for the magickal reference or for the folkloric fun, it is a must in anyone's library.

Already there have been sales in Australia and Canada!
PURCHASE DETAILS: Book can be purchased at the following internet bookstores: ~Amazon ~Books A Million ~Barnes and Nobles

Or an autographed book can be purchased at the author's website or through Ebay (search the title).

Author: Deanna Anderson ( Genre: Reference Publisher: Andborough Press LLC ( ISBN: 978-0-9823971-2-1 Pages: 144

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